Game Main Power online

Game Main Power

Game Main Power online.

Holiday - it is fun, bright lights and illuminations. The Main Power game you are destined to become a major in electricity. It depends on you a lot of people living on one long street. They suddenly the light was gone, they not only can not decorate their homes with lights multicolored, houses, too dark and uninviting. Christmas in the dark - it's no fun, but you can fix everything, if you think about, apply ingenuity and logical thinking. Your task - in each level to connect the wires in a single chain, making it closed. Turn the cell network until you find the correct position. The faster you get to solve the task, the more points you get as a result. Game Main Power consists of forty exciting levels, they gradually become more complex, and it makes the game more interesting. Do not miss the opportunity to demonstrate your intellectual ability, surprised even himself. When the network will be restored, you and your neighbors will be able to fully mark the New Year holidays under a bright light. Main Power - html5 online game for those who love puzzles, it develops logic and helps your brain does not dry out. Play on their tablets and smartphones, at home and outside

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