Game Whack My Iphone online

Game Whack My Iphone

Game Whack My Iphone online.

In recent years, the technology is constantly developing new phones and mobile phones are available, which are compared with one another, figuring out what kind of phone is better or worse. Each brand has its adherents, who are defending their chosen model. And of course they will not miss the opportunity to break the hateful phone opposite the brand if it will fall into their hands, such as in the game Whack My Iphone, where there is plenty of opportunity to make fun of the iPhone. Before the start of this action you need to choose the model that you dislike. By doing this, you can proceed to the destruction of the phone, using the available tools at your disposal. You there will be as much as 7: screwdriver, screwdriver, ax, saw, gun, jig saw, a hammer and a gas burner. Choose any of them click your mouse in the game Whack My Iphone, after which it should draw on the phone to the right place, where the tool is activated and cause the desired damage. Use the tool can be any number, you can always change it if you want to another in order to cause a variety of damage to the phone. Scoff at the selected model can be as long as it does not remain a living place, then there is always the possibility to choose the whole model and also break it, if of course you have not vented all their anger last time.

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