Game Christmas Bubble Story online

Game Christmas Bubble Story

Game Christmas Bubble Story online.

The game Christmas Bubble Story you will find a new Christmas story, where the main characters are: Santa, his faithful assistants - elves and colorful bubbles. On the eve of New Year holidays is not without incidents, Santa Claus busy season, he delivers gifts to children packed and elves clean in his cabin after the gift wrapping is still a lot of garbage. After putting in order the little hardworking men were going to set the table and wait for Santa, he will arrive home and all of them together to celebrate the Christmas. But suddenly darkened, appeared a strange cloud of colorful bubbles in the sky. Elves rushed out into the yard to look at the unusual, and the bubbles fell, surrounded by kids and lifted into the air. When Santa came home, he did not find a bright fire in the fireplace and cheerful bustle of the elves heard smell baked cakes and ginger cookies. Grandpa realized that it tricks the evil trolls who each year try to annoy Santa. This time they were persuaded to apply a dark witch spell and sharpen the elves in bubbles. It's time to get a gun and release the kids in green and red caps. Help Santa Claus in the game Christmas Bubble Story destroy the bubbles by shooting and making groups of three or more identical balls to make them explode. Try to quickly perform the task level to earn three gold stars. Play on mobile devices, relaxing in the New Year and Christmas holidays.

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