Game Enchanted Unicorn Spa online

Game Enchanted Unicorn Spa

Game Enchanted Unicorn Spa online.

This enchanted unicorn of the country in the game Enchanted Unicorn Spa has always wanted to visit the spa, but they are in the world simply does not exist. Or rather does not exist in the form in which we are accustomed to them to see people in our world. And today you have to work in this unusual spa, which operates on plain meadow and all of its elements - natural phenomena and plants. As the soul is there such acts cloud of warm water, cream and we will have one of the plant juice. So, we proceed to the care of our enchanted unicorn. First we need to wash it, this should click on Tuchke Enchanted Unicorn Spa in the game, which immediately cause to drip water from it. Rinse the dust, it is necessary to obtain a nutritious juice and it can be done from the plant, its stem a little bummer. This juice should be spread evenly over the unicorn with a soft cloth. And of course, the juice must be washed, re-using our obliging cloud. This is followed by drying our hair unicorn, using a special plant. And of course that's not all manipulations with the Unicorn Enchanted Unicorn Spa in the game, because now you have to work on his appearance by changing the color of his eyes, the shape of the ears, to pick up a beautiful mane and hoof. All this is done very easily, simply click on the icons, making sure how to change our unicorn.

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