Game Princesses At Miss College Pageant online

Game Princesses At Miss College Pageant

Game Princesses At Miss College Pageant online.

Girls: Jasmine, Belle and Elsa were college corridor and saw an advertisement for the forthcoming competition for the title of Miss College. The girls laughed, but each decided to participate in secret from her friends and asked you for help in the game Princesses At Miss College Pageant. You have to become a stylist princess and pick up their orders. You have a challenging task - to make all the girls irresistible, helping them to win the competition and to prevent a quarrel. In the competition, there are several nominations: Miss College, Miss Charm and Miss Creativity. If the girls receive the crown, they will be satisfied and will remain friends. Can you imagine how responsible your mission, come to it very seriously and put every beauty, giving her full attention. Transfiguration of the game Princesses At Miss College Pageant begins with Jasmine, she wants to be a sultry beauty burning bright shiny dress, oriental beauty loves bright colors. Elsa prefers restrained, cool shades, it remains faithful to the cold ice and his magical abilities, but will not use them, so as not to receive an advantage. Belle - delicate, fragile girl, she loves flowers and do not mind if her dress bloom rose or red poppies, and hairstyle crown flower wreath. Girls will make a splash with your help, and will be the happiest after the recognition of their beauty. Game Princesses At Miss College Pageant - a meeting with favorite characters - Disney princesses, and you have the ability to completely transform the famous heroines.

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