Game Dark Night online

Game Dark Night

Game Dark Night online.

Halloween - a happy holiday, which usually come up with a variety of entertainment associated with evil spirits or related. Online games are trying to keep up with and affect a wide variety of genres associated with the holiday-themed Halloween. Game Dark Night one of them and now you have to plunge into it headlong. Start the game, you get 60 seconds to pass and it will be shooting at pumpkins that will appear from the bottom of the playing field. Try as quickly as possible to aim at them in order to have time to hit before they again do not fall down. For each pumpkin you destroy will give a few points, which will be an indicator of your marksmanship. And of course you have to be very careful, because sometimes will appear stick of dynamite, for the destruction of which you will shoot with 5000 points. Also sometimes appear from destroyed pumpkins ghosts, through which you can earn extra points. When you have finished shooting, you will see the final result in the Dark Night game, which you can always try to improve, starting from the beginning of the shooting. Try to score the maximum result, hone shooting skills to perfection.

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