Game Barbie's New Smart Phone online

Game Barbie's New Smart Phone

Game Barbie's New Smart Phone online.

The current generation of boys and girls can not imagine their life without smart phones - smartphones. Barbie also refers to the younger generation of the game world, it constantly sends messages to friends and girlfriends, shares photos and news. Phone became indispensable for the beauty thing, she took care of it, but one day the unexpected happened - the phone accidentally fell from the table on the stone floor, cracked screen, and the device does not react when buttons are pressed. Barbie in despair, she, like taken away a piece of their life soon became empty, uninteresting without the phone. You will be able to help fashionistas, going into the game Barbie's New Smart Phone. The heroine urgently need a new smart phone, but the girl a little versed in the models, go together and choose a brand new telefonchik that was comfortable and contained all the necessary features and applications that Barbie is accustomed to and do not want to give up amenities. After selecting a model Barbie's New Smart Phone game begins the most interesting - phone decoration. She had prepared various ornaments, several types of casings with funny inscriptions and beautiful drawings. Pattern the telephone figures with sparkling rhinestones, or soft plastic miniature toys, the device should not be like these models, it should reflect the personality hostess. Finally Barbie will make her face selfie and decorate your homepage. Now the phone is ready for use, you can go to our website and discover new html5 games, including Barbie's New Smart Phone.

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