Game Monster High New Year Party online

Game Monster High New Year Party

Game Monster High New Year Party online.

The daughter of the spouses Frankensteins - Frankie Stein, cute descendant of Dracula - Drakulaura, daughter of werewolves - cloudinid Wolf become the heroines of the new game Monster High New Year Party. Girls from school monsters are going to organize three of New Year's party for a narrow circle of friends. You can help them in the organization of the event, the design space and the appearance of each of exotic beauty. Cloudinid, who dreams to become a future fashion designer offered close girlfriends outfits of their own design. Evening dresses and ornaments already hanging in the closets of girls, you need to select options and to transform the beauties. Start at cloudinid further Drakulaure pay attention and remember the girl, despite her family history, can not stand the sight of blood and the red color of her nervous. She is fine shades of blue or cream. Clothing selection in Monster High New Year Party game is big enough, all of the dresses, sparkling earrings and necklaces, shoes look elegant and expensive. You need to find a middle ground, the girls looked festive and not vulgar. You can change the hairstyle, it will completely change the appearance of unusual girls and they will become more similar to humans. After preparing the beauties, do some decoration of the room. Put in the middle of a festive table, replace the drape, hang balloons and select luxury chandelier. Good lighting is very important on holiday. Everything is ready for the party, and nothing will prevent the girls monsters to celebrate New Year fun and interesting friends. Monster High New Year Party - html5 online game, in which it is possible to play on tablets or smartphones using browsers: Chrome, Safari.

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