Game Christmas Memory online

Game Christmas Memory

Game Christmas Memory online.

First Christmas - a children's party. After all, children are expected Christmas gifts and a meeting with Santa Claus. This day should bring a lot of joy and fun, but for this to happen, you need to prepare gifts. Little girl in the game Christmas Memory is the most important assistant to Santa Claus and it is engaged in the packaging of toys for children. If you want to help her, then after a few levels of the game, which is also well coached memory. Each box on the screen hides an interesting surprise for the kids. But toys are repeated, and to avoid confusion, it is necessary to collect the same in the game Christmas: Memory Game. Time is short, the girl, and she gets very upset if you do not find a match. Opening the two boxes at the same time, remember what toys are there. With a good memory you have time to collect a pair of gifts for girls. It is very exciting to play in Christmas: a game to remember on the eve of New Year's Eve, because it will set you in the festive atmosphere in anticipation of Christmas. Give your child the mysterious atmosphere of surprises and Christmas mood. No wonder, if after passing a few equal, the child will not only improve your memory but also ask to buy one of those gifts that are hidden in boxes. After all, they are so bright and interesting.

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