Game Mystical Birdlink online

Game Mystical Birdlink

Game Mystical Birdlink online.

Imagine that you - the traveler explorer like Indiana Jones. Once in the old books you have read that in the tropics is a mysterious cave. According to legend, there are stone tiles with images of birds, and they were enchanted, if disassemble all the tiles spell destroyed, the birds come to life and become free. Embark on a journey into the Mystical Birdlink game to release the birds. We will help you not to wander through the jungle, and immediately launched into a cave. You will find the pyramid of tiles whimsical drawings. Look at two of the same image and they magically are connected by a fast-growing green stems with beautiful pink flowers. Tiles must be placed so as not to impede their connection. United items will scatter into fragments, and of them fly beautiful colorful birds, their flocks pokruzhat over you in gratitude for the salvation and enjoy the freedom to fly away. Everyone who loves pomozgovat will be pleasantly surprised by the game Mystical Birdlink genre of puzzles mahjong. This is not just picking up and removing the pair of elements, and a real adventure, colorful and exciting. Enjoy the game on any type of computer devices: fixed or mobile.

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