Game Animals Connect online

Game Animals Connect

Game Animals Connect online.

In the virtual world, all sorts of incredible things happen, everything seems calm and quiet, but suddenly swoops whirlwind, hurricane and everything changes in an instant, and the players have to rake the debris and leveling the situation. It happens in the game Animals Connect, where you will take part in the noble mission of saving animals and birds. In a magical forest there was a terrible event - his bewitched. It is not known what provoked the local witch cute little animals, but in a fit of anger had created a spell and turned all forest dwellers in square tiles and neatly packed in a clearing. The fact that the former is only living beings resemble their frightened faces on the faces of the tiles. You - the owner of magical powers that can break the spell. The very culprit of what happened already repent of their deeds, but can not change anything from a created a moment of emotional impulse magic difficult to neutralize. You go in the game Animals Connect, and deliver the unfortunate beings who are in no way guilty. You do not need to learn complex rituals to find enough to field a pair of identical little animals and put them a line at right angles. Identical images must be next to or at a distance, but between them there should be other elements, so that the line passed freely. Be aware of the time it runs fast, you should hurry. Game Animals Connect is suitable for use on its mobile devices.

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