Game Kung Fu Master online

Game Kung Fu Master

Game Kung Fu Master online.

Kung Fu or Wushu - synonyms of martial arts. In this martial arts - is a martial art, kung fu - skill. This means that the kung fu master - the person who trains a lot, constantly improving their skills. Our hero of the game Kung Fu Master wants to be a good warrior, who will not be able to withstand any opponent. Young student passively executed instruction teachers trained every day, tirelessly practicing techniques. Once at his home village was attacked black ninja, it's time to show received long training skills. It will be easy, ninja will attack the entire detachments, not respecting the gentlemen's rules. Help the hero, he took up a position at the intersection of roads leading to settlements. You need to Kung Fu Master game to quickly respond to the approach of enemies with a single blow and throwing them away. For each defeated you will get points, set at a certain amount, you change the appearance and character will acquire more effective fighting skills, typed experience. Try to hold on, not to lose points, otherwise you'll have to start again. Driving in the Kung Fu Master game can be a mouse, clicking on the enemies to attack or by touch if the touch screen and you play on a mobile device. The game was created on the platform html5, therefore reproduce without problems on any mobile devices and you can play on your tablet or smartphone.

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