Game Block Destroyer online

Game Block Destroyer

Game Block Destroyer online.

Power is not as harmless as you think. The game Block Destroyer, you will learn that there is a planet inhabited by multi-colored blocks and they are constantly at war with its neighbors, to take away the land of the planet. In our solar system, they were able to subdue the many peoples and races, and army units went to the neighboring galaxy, where the Earth. Such a large luxury planet with abundant resources and it is impossible to miss the bloc army decided to attack. They went through the atmosphere, and hovered in the air, waiting for the best position and an opportunity to attack. Do not wait until they gather strength, attack first. Your weapon is a normal ball on the platform blocks fear it like the plague. Start a fight in the game Block Destroyer, repel and fling the ball over the slender rows of multi-colored. From the first time it is impossible to destroy the block, he just winced discontent, but the second blow will spread it to shreds. Do not miss, try to use a bounce to bring down one stroke every enemy units. You have three lives, but if you lose them, blocks are restored and you will have to deal with a full army. Try not to make mistakes and catch bonuses to more effectively fight the aliens. Block Destroyer - html5 is an online game that you can play on smartphones and tablets, as well as traditional desktops, browsers Chrome and Safari. Since the game is online, you do not have to cram the memory device, and the game still can be resumed from the point where it was interrupted.

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