Game Candy Monster online

Game Candy Monster

Game Candy Monster online.

Monsters are different and you have made sure that spending time in a virtual space. Monsters games often become characters as the main and secondary, in this puzzle game Candy Monster monsters - are necessary and the main characters, because they urgently need to feed. Our monsters - voracious sweet tooth, but also for their possible feeding, if you really try. An indicator of satiety monster is to fill the scale in the top of the screen. And now the most important thing - how to feed the voracious monster. Start the game Candy Monster on the field, where there are a variety of goodies: cakes, ice cream, candy, cakes, muffins and other goodies work out reshuffle, having the same candy in rows and columns of three or more. The collected goodies at once go to the insatiable jaws of a monster, and at the next level you will have to wait for the next hungry creature, do not make him wait too long, it can become angry and will spread all to pieces. Online game Candy Monster is written in html5 language that allows you to use it on your tablet or smartphone and become more mobile, and you can play anywhere, even sitting on a bench in the park, just to have access to the Internet.

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