Game Broken Horn 2 online

Game Broken Horn 2

Game Broken Horn 2 online.

Meet an old friend - a monster in a hat with a single horn. The second horn he had broken somewhere in the campaign. The hero loves adventure and wants to perform a feat to become a knight at the court of His Majesty. The game Broken Horn 2, you will be able to assist the character that he has won a reputation as a brave and courageous warrior. The hero is going to go down to the dungeon, which is famous for its horrors and traps. Rumors about the dangers of brave men, spread far beyond the kingdom. Many knights vanished in the dark depths, but the greater will be a feat, if the heroes manage to get out of the maze alive and well. You go in the game Broken Horn 2 and go to the horned character to meet the dangers and exciting adventures. Hero acts slyly, he simply stands still and waits until you activate the different pushes, mobile, open or close the unit. Man you need to push him to burst through the door leading to the next level. On the lower floors will be underground inhabitants, who are trying to prevent the advance of the brave. Neutralize them all the same mechanisms, use the materials at hand: drums, stones, sharp traps, but do not let the hero himself to them fell. The game Broken Horn 2, you will need skill and savvy to the hero safely reached the goal, use everything you see on the level, levers, buttons, elevators and other devices are not here for nothing. Play it on a mobile device, and enjoy a fun and exciting toy.

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