Game Anna Prom Makeover online

Game Anna Prom Makeover

Game Anna Prom Makeover online.

Every little girl wants to get on the ball, to dress in a luxurious dress and beautiful shoes. And if we pick up more glittering ornaments, you get a gorgeous image of the princess. Anna, too, dreamed of prom from early childhood, and that's going to happen tonight. Therefore, in the game Anna Prom Makeover she needs urgently to make an image in which it will be so gorgeous tonight, that all the princes will not remain indifferent to it. Extravagant hats with sequins or feathers will complement the image of the girl and bring it to perfection. Play Princess Anne: image for the prom can even girls who have never been to a ball, and do not even realize that you need to wear for such an occasion. It can spy hints that Anna has tried on four bright image. They ate their detailed study, it is possible to form an exemplary embodiment of the kind in which you would she went to the ball. You can choose the clothes and accessories in the game Anne Princess Anne From a mobile phone or tablet: the image for the prom at least every hour, or replace some of the individual elements. In her wardrobe there are a few amazing pair of shoes, which she chose specifically to hike the ball, so the image is supposed to be a colorful and chic. Thanks to your delicate taste cutie Anna become a luxury star prom. With such exquisite jewelry she will sparkle and whirl in a dance all night.

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