Game Frozen Prom Queen Style online

Game Frozen Prom Queen Style

Game Frozen Prom Queen Style online.

Today we want to present to your attention a new game Frozen Prom Queen Style. In it, we find ourselves once again with you in the legendary ice kingdom, where according to legend lived two princesses sisters - Anna and Elsa. These two girls are proud of their country, because they are both clever, beautiful and very kind to his subjects. Very often, that would not help very rich people who live in their country, they organize charity points, which collect a huge amount of donations for the population. But since they have to deal with the powerful, our heroine must look gorgeous. Today is the time to the next event and we'll help our beauties in choosing their way. At the beginning of the game, we choose one of the sisters and go with her to the royal bedroom. There, with the help of the toolbar on which various cosmetic funds will be shown, we give our heroine's face in order. We cleanse her skin from pimples, obmoem, apply nourishing cream to soften the skin, and then apply a soft and stylish make-up. Then, opening the wardrobe you will proceed to the selection of clothing for the holiday. Remember that, it will look like our heroine will depend on your designer talents, so learn all the clothing options offered by you. After that, pick up our princess shoes. They must be combined with clothes and look beautiful. Then select jewelry and of course a variety of stylish accessories. All our heroine is ready to shine at the ball. Once you pick up clothes for example Anna, you'll be able to do this and for Elsa. Game Frozen Prom Queen Style is designed primarily for girls and has a well thought-out plot and very beautifully drawn graphics. Opening Frozen Prom Queen Style on our website you will be happy to spend their time playing it.

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