Game Color switch online

Game Color switch

Game Color switch online.

Travel like everything is an opportunity to see the world, learn how is life in other places, learn new traditions, taste exotic dishes and see unusual animals. Our character in the game Color switch - this is the usual small ball. He wanted to gain experience and hit the road. But it was not easy. To get out of the geometric world in which the character lives, he must go through several levels of protection, and for this you will need skill and dexterity. The world is surrounded by layered wall of the large rotating wheels, consisting of sections of different colors. Between the great circles are small multi-colored balls collide with which our character will change color round. To complete the circle in the game Color switch, select the section that corresponds to the color of the ball to enter and exit. If the ball will face a different color, it will break, and the game is over. Puzzles were the most desired games for mobile devices, they are safely moved to tablets and smartphones, and now players do not leave with them all day. Our game Color switch as you like it, you can have fun and to pass the time. Experience how good your reaction to control on touch screens use a hand touch or mouse, if you're playing on a stationary computer.

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