Game Crazy Fishing online

Game Crazy Fishing

Game Crazy Fishing online.

Fishing - one of the most popular activities that are in the world. Since ancient times, when people still lived in the forests, they earn their living by means of fishing. Nowadays a great number of ships travel through the ocean catching a variety of varieties of fish that goes to people in the food. But what it would be if the fish suddenly went mad and started to attack and flood the ships. Perhaps humanity would wait for serious problems, as the largest area of ​​this world occupy the oceans. Today in Crazy Fishing game, we would get to you just at a time. People trapped on land, most of the ships sank and now under the sea ruled by aggressive-minded fish. People began to build and maintain a special bathyscaphes shooting of fish stocks in coastal waters that would in any way to establish the connection between the cities. You are a pilot of one of these submersibles. You dropped on the depth and pass you by floats a lot of fish. Your task is to conduct aimed fire from a cannon and destroy the fish. For this you will be given points. So in the allotted time, try to score as many of them. Then you move to the next level. Game Crazy Fishing is quite an unusual story, and a very bright and beautifully drawn graphics. Players of any age and sex with pleasure spend their leisure time playing it. Open Crazy Fishing on our website and enjoy a not so ordinary fishing.

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