Game Fuji Kimono Kiss online

Game Fuji Kimono Kiss

Game Fuji Kimono Kiss online.

Love - a very beautiful feeling that occurs between two hearts Man and girl. Loving each other people subsequently marries, so formed a family in which children appear in the aftermath. But in some countries it decided to hide in public manifestation of their feelings to such countries such as Japan and concerns. And today in the game Fuji Kimono Kiss we just find ourselves in a small village where there lives a young man and his girlfriend. Since they both have very strict parents they have to hide from everyone that would be given each other time and just kiss each other. You and I can help them in this. Clicking the mouse on the screen and hold it, you do so that our heroes are kissing each other. But they need to be careful because the younger brothers and sisters will spy on them and they will stop tenderly kissing. What would be time to react to them carefully look at the screen. Once you see emerging exclamation marks which means that soon because of the angle will be someone who is spying on our pair. Round is passed as soon as the scale is filled at the top. Game Fuji Kimono Kiss quite interesting and develops attentiveness and reaction speed player. Open Fuji Kimono Kiss on our website and try to help our couple.

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