Game Stacky Stack online

Game Stacky Stack

Game Stacky Stack online.

Building towers - it is not new and you probably doing similar tasks. Yet we ask you not to miss the opportunity and participate in the construction of another tower in Stacky Stack game. The event takes place in the world of Lego. Lego characters have decided that they urgently needed a grand architectural structure. Every self-respecting nation is proud of its unique buildings and the inhabitants of LEGO City are going to build the highest tower. They are invited for the construction of everyone whose tower will be higher, and that will be a symbol of their city. Try and you happiness and try yourself in the construction. The building blocks are delivered to the Stacky Stack play continuously, click on them, if you are willing to throw down. In addition to the blocks will be ornaments in the form of marine and forest animals. Lego residents want their tower was not easy - the construction of multi-colored blocks, and a beautiful building with architectural ornaments. You should know that a large piece of fish has not put a block, so make wider tower to make room for architectural delights. The main task for you remains - the height of the building. Strive to make the tower stable at the base so that it can grow up endlessly, and then you will have a chance to become a winner, and your tower will decorate the tourist postcards of Lego. Game Stacky Stack will serve not only as entertainment, but also will be useful for the development of the reaction in children. Bright juicy graphics and the ability to play on the tablet or smartphone and enjoy children and their parents. Treat the kids a new toy.

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