Game Fishing Dash online

Game Fishing Dash

Game Fishing Dash online.

Today we present you a new exciting game Fishing Dash. In it, we introduce ourselves to you with two brothers Jim and Tom foxes. They live in the woods in a dreamland inhabited by sentient animals. They are very funny and cheerful and love a tasty meal. One of their favorite dishes is fish. They are ready to eat it in any form - whether it's just an ear or baked fish is in the oven. Therefore, in the morning, they often go to the nearest lake for fishing. They've got special places for fishing, and today we are with you will help them in their fishing. When our brothers, we curled rods over each of them we will see an arrow. They will suggest to us when the fish are biting. The arrows can change their color. When they are green it means that the fish pecked. Hsin If you pull out a fish skeleton. And if they turn red - beware pecked fish monster. So be careful and quickly pull out the catch that would be our brothers were satisfied and caught as many tasty fish home. Game Fishing Dash is quite interesting and has famously traced graphics and wonderful game scenario. Opening Fishing Dash on our website you will be happy to spend his time for his favorite pastime and interesting, such as fishing.

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