Game Glamour Prom Night online

Game Glamour Prom Night

Game Glamour Prom Night online.

At Mermaid Ariel soon exhaust, as well as at her friends: Rapunzel and Cinderella. Girls advance puzzled choice of clothes, but first they need to choose the style in which they come to the ball. Girlfriends gathered in Glamour Prom Night, to discuss the options and after a brief dispute unanimously decided that abandoning traditional lush ball gowns, and stop at the glamorous style of Hollywood movie stars. Beauties want to feel like a celebrity on the red carpet. Princess arrived in the best fashion store, where there are clothes for every taste, but fashionistas interested in glamor and style they want, so you do not turn away from their requests. To create a dress requires top and bottom, they are in our game Glamour Prom Night exist separately. This is done deliberately in order to have a wide variety of options to create the dress. Mix and match different colors, patterns, skirt length and shape of the neckline. The store has a lot of different additional pieces of fur, shiny pieces of fabric, beads, they revive the dress, giving it the most glamorous gloss. Do you like to design clothes in the game Glamour Prom Night, on your imagination and set a variety of parts depends on the result. Dressing Princesses, start with a hairstyle, it must be carefully laid with large curls, footwear necessarily high heels to make a graceful silhouette and fragile. Enjoy creative stylist.

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