Game Special Miraculous Wedding online

Game Special Miraculous Wedding

Game Special Miraculous Wedding online.

Lady Bug Cat Noir has agreed to offer to marry and soon held a wedding in this unique pair Special Miraculous Wedding game. Wedding unusual for a pair of super characters. They can not open their face in order to avoid the consequences, so faces covered with masks. The pair had to hide so as not to endanger the safety of relatives and friends. Villain Hyles alert and probably send agents to scout out the situation and find a way to play a dirty trick heroes. Nevertheless, the bride is required to wear a wedding dress, even if they are not too combined with the mask. Help the bride and her friends prepare for the solemn entrance. Pick outfits for the first girlfriend in Special Miraculous Wedding, then most Lady Bug. The cabinets and drawers you will find the necessary accessories, shoes, jewelry and of course luxurious dresses: colorful for friends and magnificent wedding dresses for the bride. Lady Bug is not used to walk in these dresses, but you try and choose exactly what will decorate a super heroine and will transform in a gentle gorgeous bride, the main character of a wedding celebration. For you, this game Special Miraculous Wedding will be a complete surprise, few expected that the heroes will link its fate in the near future, but that does not happen in a changing virtual world. Enjoy the beautiful clothes and transform your favorite characters.