Game Equestria Girls Theme Room online

Game Equestria Girls Theme Room

Game Equestria Girls Theme Room online.

Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Applejack and Rarity - Equestria Girls and best friends. You are very lucky, because you all will meet in the game Equestria Girls Theme Room and will be able to provide each service. Belle pony in urgent need of alteration of their rooms. Previous repair and finish they are not satisfied, the girls want the room to become a reflection of their style and character. Sparkle obsessed with order, likes to read, so should be roomy bedside table and a table in the room. Applejack loves apples Three red apples - the distinguishing sign of the pony, so be sure in the interior do not forget to apply a red color. Dash Rainbow mane colors seven colors of the rainbow loves bright colors and want a large comfortable bed. Rarity - stylish fashion pony is able to search the gems in her elegant purple mane and the presence of color in the interior, it will be happy. You are provided with the game Equestria Girls Theme Room show imagination and turn four ordinary room in a comfortable and stylish nest. Did their best - a creative work, and it will be pleasant and useful for you. You can get new idea for arranging their own bedrooms. There are plenty to choose from - four options. The girls enjoy the game Equestria Girls Theme Room due to a meeting with your favorite heroines of Equestria and opportunities to help them.

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