Game Princesses In Monster High online

Game Princesses In Monster High

Game Princesses In Monster High online.

In the virtual space, everything is possible and you will see for yourself in the game Princesses In Monster High. Cute Disney Princess: Rapunzel, Anna and Elsa are sent to study at the school monsters in the framework of an exchange between schools. They come to replace the three schoolgirls from Monster High, and who will remain a secret. We will focus on heroines princesses and try to prepare them to face the harsh reality of school, where the pupils is not white and fluffy. To beauties are not shocked by the situation and the environment, introduce them to the room in which they will live. Few redo the interior, although you can only change the colors and textiles Princesses In Monster High. The administration does not intend to change the furniture in the traditional, so the girls will have to suffer a wardrobe in the form of coffin and gloomy landscape outside the window. Particular attention should be paid to appearance. Princesses have to give up their own outfits and wear what is commonly worn in the school monsters. Drakulaura, Laguna Blue, Cleo De Nile, Claudine Wolfe, Abby Bomineybl, Gulia Yelps and the other girls made their clothes, and you need to choose among them what is suitable princess from Erendella and long-haired beauty Rapunzel. Transform girlfriends, their already waiting for a small welcome party and an original cake in the style of Monster High in the game Princesses In Monster High.

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