Game Fishing Franzy online

Game Fishing Franzy

Game Fishing Franzy online.

Franzen young guy who lives on the banks of the picturesque lake with his family. His favorite hobby is fishing in the summer. He is ready to spend hours on the lake to swim and catch fish for his family or for sale. Today we will make you play Fishing Frenzy you company to our hero. Sitting in the boat, our hero will come up in the middle of the lake. Under water, we will see shoals of fish that swim freely underwater. Eagle Eye we will hang the bait. We will lower the bait into the water to fish and catch them. For each type of fish we will be given points and the more unique fish so they will give more. But remember that the water is still angry sharks swim and if they are caught on your hook, then pulled into the water, and you will eat. But they can be killed with dynamite. Just seeing a shark click on a special icon bombs and explosives fall into the water, which will kill the shark. You can also change the location of the boat that would carry on fishing more effectively. Game Fishing Frenzy is quite fascinating and beautifully-drawn graphics. All fishing lovers Fishing Franzy opening on our website with pleasure spend their time fishing together with our main character.

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