Game Angry Gran Run: Paris online

Game Angry Gran Run: Paris

Game Angry Gran Run: Paris online.

Today, the game Angry Gran Run: Paris we poisoned with you to France in an amazing and beautiful city of Paris. Here, in one of the quiet streets live very harmful and greedy old lady Maia. She has a small shop where she sells a variety of trinkets and try to earn as much money as possible. As the front of one of the holidays she went to the shop and saw that she had very little product. Of course, it leaped greed and bursting grandmother curses like a real sprinter jumped out and raced through the city to collect the goods for sale. Our grandmother like a real runner will run through the city, jumping and avoiding different obstacles and you will help her in this. With the help of arrows you control her movement and watch closely that it had not crashed into an obstacle. On the way, do not forget to collect various coins and other items. Knowing the greed of our grannies you need to get them as much as possible. Game Angry Gran Run: Paris is quite fun and interesting. Beautiful story, beautiful graphics and music will not leave indifferent not one player. Opening Angry Gran Run: Paris on our website you will be happy to spend their time helping her grandmother in a bad race.

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