Game Monster High - Frankie Stein online

Game Monster High - Frankie Stein

Game Monster High - Frankie Stein online.

Today you have to perform an incredibly exciting task - go to the laboratory and create a girl from the school of monsters called Frankie Stein. Once in the laboratory, you will need to begin your execution by searching for the various parts of this girl that will be scattered in a variety of places. Carefully inspect the room, clicking on the hands, feet and the rest of the fragments. When all of them are collected, you need to transfer them to the unfinished body of a girl who will stand motionless in front of you. Do not forget to use a wrench to tighten the connections, as well as a bolt, with which the head of our Frank Stein will be fixed. Next, you should go to the next stage of the game Monster High - Frankie Stein - choosing a dress for the newly created girl. You will be available a large set of traditional for this girl things from which you have to choose those that will ideally sit on our ward. But this is not all the tasks, because you also have to furnish a room for Frankie Stein, placing a table, chair and other interior items on the premises. Do not forget to change the color of the walls and the floor in order to make the girl feel comfortable and cozy there.

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