Game Ninja Run 2 online

Game Ninja Run 2

Game Ninja Run 2 online.

In one of the towns of ancient Japan, a great misfortune happened. The dark sorcerer laid a curse on the inhabitants of the city and half of them turned into evil zombies. The survivors were able to hide in the ancient temple and block the doors. But they will not last long, so they need to be rescued urgently. Nearby there was a base for training the soldiers of the ninja. Having learned about the misfortune of the comprehended town, they sent their best warrior there. We will join you in the game Ninja Run 2 in his mission of salvation. As you already guessed, you need to go through hordes of monsters and help the living people. Look carefully at the screen and plan your moves. You will be blocked by zombie patrols that you need to destroy as soon as possible. To do this, you will make various jumps and somersaults and pushing from the walls to gain speed that would hack monsters. Remember that some of the zombies are also armed and can fire on you. So be extremely careful and accurate. We are sure that thanks to you our hero will cope with his task. The game Ninja Run 2 is quite interesting. Basically, it is designed for players of boys, because they like games in which you have to fight. Having opened Ninja Run 2 on our site, you will spend your time fighting monsters.

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