Game Penguins vs Fish online

Game Penguins vs Fish

Game Penguins vs Fish online.

Penguins love fish - this is their main food ration, the fish diet does not bother cute non-flying birds, and the absence is very upsetting. Recently, penguins noticed that there were very few fish in the sea, they have to dive many times to catch at least one, and one day in a day they could not catch a single fish, and then the penguins seriously worried and turned to you for help in the game Penguins vs Fish. You conducted a thorough investigation and found an ice cave near the penguin settlement. Inside was an endless labyrinth with walls of ice blocks, and in dead ends lies the fish. Who and why hid it is unknown, you will find out this in time, but for now it is necessary to feed hungry penguins. Send them to the labyrinth Penguins vs Fish and help gather the prey. The floors from the ice are slippery and the hunters can not brake on the floor, only blocks can stop them, take this into account and act on the situation, trying to make minimum moves to win three gold stars. The task will become more complicated if two or three penguins come into the labyrinth at once, but they can be used as an obstacle in the game Penguins vs Fish. Enjoy a fun game on mobile devices.

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