Game Beauty and the Beast online

Game Beauty and the Beast

Game Beauty and the Beast online.

We again invite you to the fairy-tale world of Disney and the reason for this was the game Beauty and the Beast. You will meet with the beloved characters of the cartoon"Beauty and the Beast"and you will spend an interesting time with them. Old friends know how to surprise, and you will see this right now. You know that Disney princesses are actively learning modern virtual spaces. Girls change their appearance in accordance with the new fashion, acquire new knowledge, participate in activities that were deprived in the limited world of their fairy tales. Some boyfriends like this behavior of friends. In particular, the Beast is no longer sure that his beloved returned to him, he wants to test the girl, offering to pass a short test quest, consisting of three tasks. In the game Beauty and the Beast, you are on the side of the princess and help her to regain the location of her beloved. Find the magic flower of the Beast, your favorite pet and choose among the ornaments: crowns, necklaces and earrings, which is most suitable for a beautiful woman. The correct answer is the appearance of the heart in the upper right corner. There should appear three hearts, so that the princess again took the place of the mistress of the luxurious palace. If at least one is not enough, Bel will have to go home. Do not allow such a failure in Beauty and the Beast, let the tale again end safely.

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