Game Ben 10: Power Surge online

Game Ben 10: Power Surge

Game Ben 10: Power Surge online.

Today in the game Ben 10: Power Surge we'll meet our favorite super hero of a young guy Ben. Today, he faces a dangerous mission. The city was attacked by criminals armed with the latest technology. They also use robots and other techniques. Our hero needs to repel this attack and destroy all enemies. Ben will stand on a special flying skateboard, which is armed with a cannon and will attack the enemy. You need to help him in managing this device. You will fly through the air. Dodge enemy fire and beat it with all weapons to quickly and effectively destroy the enemy. Some will drop out items that you need to collect. This will give you the energy that will fill the panel located on the right in the upper corner. As soon as it is filled to a certain point, our hero will turn into another hero capable of knocking the enemy even harder. But if they get into it, they'll ruin the transformation. Just remember that on the way you will have bosses. These are very powerful enemies and it is rather difficult to destroy them. To do this you need to completely lower their standard of living to zero. But we believe that you will cope with the task in hand and help our hero in this mission. Game Ben 10: Power Surge is quite interesting, with beautiful graphics and perfectly thought out plot. By opening Ben 10: Power Surge on our site, you'll be fun to spend time fighting various gangsters and monsters.

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