Game Looney Tunes Taxi Time online

Game  Looney Tunes Taxi Time

Game Looney Tunes Taxi Time online.

In the town where the characters of the animated series Luni Tunz live, it's time to open a taxi service and you will do it in Looney Tunes Taxi Time. The city is expanding, new residents are emerging, houses are being built, and transport communication is in place. Break the stereotypes and start an efficient taxi service. First, start serving one street, customers will not appear right away, but if they are satisfied with your service, there will be no soon-on. Analyze orders, evaluate the direction, distance and lay the route, soon you can not do with one car, you need two or more, and passengers and even more. To work successfully, you need correct and clear logistics, so that cars are not taxi drivers to each other, and passengers do not have to wait long for an order in Looney Tunes Taxi Time. You will need logic and skill, remember that in Luni Tunz there live extraordinary personalities. Rabbit Bugs Bunny is calm and reasonable, he will understand if there is a hitch. But not so patient with Daffy Duck, and especially the Tasmanian Devil, these heroes will arrange a grand scandal, if you are late with the delivery of the car, you will not find it. Now you understand how responsible and complex your task is in Looney Tunes Taxi Time.

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