Game Henry Danger Rescue Rumble online

Game Henry Danger Rescue Rumble

Game Henry Danger Rescue Rumble online.

This brave boy named Henry became an assistant to a super hero. And it happened for a reason, because Henry has unprecedented courage and strength. He is ready to defend anyone who is in trouble. Any schoolboy could have envied friendship with Captain Chek, but not every student can be so rejected to fight the forces of evil. In the game Henry Danger Rescue Rumble you can get to know this bold guy and even experience the conditions in which he has to work. His fists should rebuff the enemy immediately, until the force is over. Today in the game, Henry the Dangerous: a rescue rumble is to save the boy who was in trouble. Against your hero will be an evil cook with a frying pan, a granny with a bag and a huge boxer. They all need to show that Henry's short stature is not an obstacle, and he can beat everyone. But if Henry does not cope with the task and miss a lot of strikes, then he will need the strength to recover. And then the fight will be a super hero himself. This is a serious job - to be the representative of such a hero. This has not happened yet - two such brave and strong guys in one game Henry the Dangerous: a life-threatening roar. You will take turns to fight with their opponents, destroying them to save the boy.