Game Transformers: Energon Rally online

Game Transformers: Energon Rally

Game Transformers: Energon Rally online.

I think everyone has watched films about brave Autobots, which everyone calls Transformers. They arrived on our planet in order to prevent the world evil in the person of Desiptekons from capturing a powerful artifact capable of destroying everything living in the universe. And of course our Autobots need an assistant who will help in the confrontation with the Decepticons. If you agree, then you can become such an assistant in the game Transformers: Energon Rally, where the Autobots must move forward, overcoming a large number of obstacles in their path. Obstacles will be located directly above the road or on a small hill from it. And then the abilities of robots will be useful to transform, turning into a machine, then back to the robot. The machine can overcome interference that will be placed at a short distance. And to overcome the obstacles above the road surface you need to transform into a robot and have time to make a high jump. Be constantly collected in order to manage to evade all the disturbances, the number of which will increase all the time. And of course you need to collect energy artifacts in the game Transformers: Energon Rally, without which you can not win over the enemies of the Autobots. Remember, every contact with the interference will destroy the energy shield of the Autobot and eventually lead to its complete failure in the game Transformers: Energon Rally and then you have to start everything from the very beginning.

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