Game Wicked High School Prom Tailor online

Game Wicked High School Prom Tailor

Game Wicked High School Prom Tailor online.

The school of Auradona will soon host a graduation party, girls prepare dresses, but not all of this is obtained. Girlfriends Mel and Ivi were carried away by completely different things, and they only remembered about graduation the day before. Mom Ivi - Evil Queen, sent her daughter a dress, and Mel remained without a dress, because she did not warn her parent - Maleficentu in advance. It's time for you to intervene in the game of Wicked High School Prom Tailor in the situation and fix it. Girlfriends will perfectly cope with the task, if you help them quickly. Go to the school workshop, it has long been abandoned, but you will quickly manage, having found the necessary tools for sewing a ball dress. Collecting cushions for needles, scissors, a tape for measuring, at the same time, repair all objects with the help of magic. Girls are able to do this, they inherited from their mothers villains got a gift. You can not have a watchman caught up with the girls in the workshop, so you only have a minute to search and collect items. Then you can relax a little in the game Wicked High School Prom Tailor and work a broom to sew a dress not in a dusty dirty room. Next, Ivi quickly build with your help a luxurious dress, glue the glittering pebbles and even make a haircut. The ball will be saved and no one will notice that the outfit was built in the minimum period.

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