Game Ben 10: Stinkfly Avoid online

Game Ben 10: Stinkfly Avoid

Game Ben 10: Stinkfly Avoid online.

To fight against enemies and aliens, even an experienced super hero need constant training. Therefore, for Stinkflay created a whole field, where he can train his flight with obstacles. And you can not only attend such training, but also become its main character in the game Ben 10: Stinkfly Avoid. Show this flying hero how to evade obstacles. Three pigs are placed on three tracks. Each of them you need to get around. You can do this only one way - to constantly change the tracks by which the character moves. The path that is free, you need. Game Ben 10: Evade Stinkflay will teach you how to be agile and fast to go as far as possible for a distance, score points and beat your previous record. Your hero, over which you take patronage, he can not control the movement. He flies straight ahead, paying no attention to anything. Therefore, his fate depends only on you. Concentrate on how to go a long distance, do not pay attention to the factors that hinder you. Without concentration of attention you will stick your character into the first pig. Hardly he will be grateful to you, and the game Ben 10: dodge Stinkflay will end too quickly, you will not even have time to enjoy the fast flight.

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