Game Miraculous Ladybug Kissing online

Game Miraculous Ladybug Kissing

Game Miraculous Ladybug Kissing online.

The game Miraculous Ladybug Kissing we will reveal to you a great secret, but be warned that it can not spread, it may suffer a negative impact. Everybody has been waiting for this event for a long time, but you will find out first that Lady Bag and Super Cat are in love. Right now they meet on the roof and want to spend time alone. The couple can not wait to kiss, but they have too many friends and ill-wishers who do not leave the heroes alone. Here your help will be required and therefore you are admitted to the secret that you are required to keep. Super heroes are too busy people, they have little time for personal life. The date of the pair will last only one hundred and eighty seconds and they do not want to spend it on anything other than kissing. Your task in the game is Miraculous Ladybug Kissing - follow the perimeter until the couple kisses. You will see the signal from the left side, warn the Cat and the girl and wait until the witness is removed. Fill the scale in the upper left corner until the time has elapsed and this will be an indication that the meeting was successful. Enjoy meeting with your favorite characters and remember that secrets should be kept.

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