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Game online.

Today we present to your attention a new exciting and interesting lot of user game Myfrog. Io. What it reminds us of the so widely known and popular in the whole world game Zmeyka. But still there are significant differences in it. Now we explain to you its rules and the meaning of the game. Before you will be a huge playing field. Your frog will run over it driven by you. Your task is to collect scattered on the field of various items. They are needed to grow your character in size. So eating these objects it will increase in size. Remember that in addition to you on it, the other players also play. Your task is to kill the characters of the opponent. But you can do this only if your frog is bigger in size than the enemy character. If it is less, then you need to avoid a collision with the enemy, or your character will already be killed. The round wins the one who will grow a bigger frog and destroy more characters from other players. Game Myfrog. Io is quite interesting and fascinating. With beautiful and detailed graphics and good music. To play in Myfrog. Io you need to open it just on our website and go through a small registration. Then all your achievements and successes in the game will be displayed in your player profile.