Game Find Rapunzel's Ball Outfit online

Game Find Rapunzel's Ball Outfit

Game Find Rapunzel's Ball Outfit online.

The beautiful princess Rapunzel has a huge problem. In the evening there will be a ball, which will have all the princesses and princes, so it should look perfect. But the girl can not decide what to wear to her at night in the game Find Rapunzel's Ball Outfit. She changed her mind about all the options and not one likes it. To collect a complete image for her, you need to go through several puzzles. In all the rooms of her castle are scattered pieces of puzzles. You need to look for them behind furniture, under things and in all places. Use the hint if you can not see the last piece. If you collect each puzzle, you will find all the items for the new image of Rapunzel, in which she will go to the ball in the game Find the image of Rapunzel for the ball. You will need a lot of care and observation, so as not to miss a single detail in the room.

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