Game Snowball Office Fight online

Game Snowball Office Fight

Game Snowball Office Fight online.

Employees working in the office sometimes get bored without work and therefore come up with various entertainment that would at least somehow pass the time and have fun. Today on a winter night on New Year's Eve they decided to organize fights with snowballs and that would add interest to the game, they will play for money. We are with you in the game Snowball Office Fight join their adventure. Having typed snow on the street you will go into the office and stick snowballs. At this time, your colleagues will hide behind various objects that are in the cabinets. As soon as the signal sounds, you should carefully peer in the cockpit. Because of the items, your employees will suddenly appear. As soon as you notice them, hover a red target on them and click on the enemy. After doing these actions you will throw a snowball over it. If you aim well, you will fall into a snowball and you will be given money for this. If you do everything slowly, the employees will throw you snowballs. And you lose the round. Each time the number of opponents will increase and the speed with which you need to hit opponents will also increase. The game Snowball Office Fight is quite interesting, with a cool and funny storyline and beautifully drawn graphics. By opening Snowball Office Fight on our website, you will have fun while having fun with office staff.

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