Game Ben 10: Heatblast Fight online

Game Ben 10: Heatblast Fight

Game Ben 10: Heatblast Fight online.

In the game Ben 10: Heatblast Fight you have to fight with the underwater creatures, shooting a continuous poisonous stream. But your hero will also be perfectly equipped to shoot a fire stream. Starting to fire at the same time, these jets collide in the middle and gradually the sea monster will win. You can help your hero by strengthening the strength of his fire stream. And for this it is necessary to press as often as possible on the blank and do this until the fire reaches the monster sticking out of the water. You can use a small trick in the game Ben 10: Heatblast Fight and click in addition to the spacebar and the left button of the mouse, which will allow you to destroy the enemy even faster. And do not forget, to destroy each of the enemies you are given only 30 seconds. And of course you have prepared a huge number of monsters, which can be fun to destroy.

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