Game Ben 10: Grey Matter Leap online

Game Ben 10: Grey Matter Leap

Game Ben 10: Grey Matter Leap online.

An irresistible water obstacle has arisen in the way of our hero and you can overcome it only in one way: you need to jump on platforms in the game Ben 10: Gray Matter Leap, which will move in different directions. Acting must be very deliberate, because one wrong action and our character will be in the water, which will mean his death and our loss in this online application. Starting the game, you need to carefully study the moving platforms in the game and guessing the right moment, jump to the next floating surface. Gradually, the speed of moving platforms will increase and it will be increasingly difficult to stay on them, protecting your character from falling into the water. After each attempt, you will be shown the number of points and you should try to collect them as much as possible in order to be able to show off to your friends an excellent result.

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