Game Princess Ballerina Bullet Rush online

Game Princess Ballerina Bullet Rush

Game Princess Ballerina Bullet Rush online.

Soon a grand ballet show should begin, in which real stars take part. But it may not start if Princess Rapunzel does not help with the fees in Princess Ballerina's Ballet Rush game. She lost all things and now she can not find them in a hurry. Help the girl find every object, without which she can not leave the house for a dress rehearsal. Flynn was already waiting for his lover. But the girl still has to choose the outfit in which she will dance with him. In the game, Hurry Princess - ballet dancers for a ballet, come up with an image for Rapunzel, given that her chevalier has already chosen an outfit. If you consider them a pair, then they should be dressed in the same style. But the girl certainly has more wardrobe elements, which consist not only of dress, but of jewelry and accessories. She needs to sparkle like a real ballet star.

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