Game Hummer Police Parking online

Game Hummer Police Parking

Game Hummer Police Parking online.

Patrol officers in the police ride around the city on special cars. Those who serve in the police departments of the special purpose ride on armored Humvees. These cars are very huge and cumbersome and require really great management skills. The main problem is to park them neatly in the city. Today in the game Hummer Police Parking, we'll try to help the police in the management of this car. Before us on the screen there will be city streets. The cars of ordinary citizens will move on them. In some places we will see a dotted line for parking our car. We need to follow the rules of driving to get to the place and park your car. Do not collide with other machines, otherwise you will fail the tasks. Also remember that you must visit all parking places for a certain time. The game Hummer Police Parking is quite interesting and with a peculiar plot. Having opened Hummer Police Parking on our site you will spend your time playing it.

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