Game Tap Tap Dash Online online

Game Tap Tap Dash Online

Game Tap Tap Dash Online online.

A sharp bird goes on a journey to collect precious rubies in the Tap Tap Dash Online game. The success of her adventurous operation depends entirely on your dexterity and skill. The bird is not devoid of the defect of gluttony and so gained weight that it stopped flying, its wings do not hold, it is necessary to develop legs to run fast. The track on which the feathered character has to race, is narrow enough, so you will not be able to loop along it. In addition, it constantly turns and interrupts so you can give commands to the bird, on the path are drawn gray arrows. After seeing them, click on the bird and it will react accordingly, turning to the right or left or jump over the void. Tap Tap Dash Online is for those who like dynamic toys, where you need to instantly respond to calls and act almost on the machine. The speed of the character will gradually increase, and this will require you to even more concentration and increased reaction. Play and help the bird through the maximum distance in Tap Tap Dash Online, collecting more red crystals.

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