Game Barbie Glam Popstar online

Game Barbie Glam Popstar

Game Barbie Glam Popstar online.

Barbie periodically returns to the scene, if she has new hobbies in the music. Recently, the fashionista has a new idea - to become a pop star in a glamorous style and the beauty is going to do what she has planned, and you will help her by playing Barbie Glam Popstar. The girl has prepared several concert costumes and accessories for them, and the choice will have to be made to you, because the new star is busy rehearsing for the upcoming solo concert. The show will be held in the big hall, the tickets have already been sold and the audience is waiting for the beginning of the performance with non-application. Barbie has special wishes for along. She does not want to look like a rock star, the girl wants to keep her glamorous style of the princess, which her fans like so much. Do not regret in Barbie Glam Popstar shine and splendor, ruffles and ruches, organza and silk - everything is allowed in clothes. The length of the dress is not important. Put a crown on your head, and put a guitar or microphone in your hands. Transform the beauty, without changing its appearance cardinally, she does not want to shock fans with sharp changes in the image.

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