Game Pou Shave Time online

Game Pou Shave Time

Game Pou Shave Time online.

Pou is a potato, but unusual, but a hero of numerous adventure games and favorite hero of many children. Today, Pou in the game Pou Shave Time is going to visit the hairdresser, because his beard needs care long ago. All the friends and friends of potatoes insist that he shave, Pau ceases to recognize because of a large beard. The hero managed to breed whole chunks on his chin, before using a razor, he will have to work with scissors. After shaving, remove the worms that were hiding in your hair and heal small cuts. Peel Pou will become smooth and silky and the girl immediately wants to go out with him on a date, and all thanks to your efforts in the game Pou Shave Time.