Game Moana Baby Shower Care online

Game Moana Baby Shower Care

Game Moana Baby Shower Care online.

Everyone knows Princess Moana, as an adult and a strong beauty, but few have seen her as small. She was a very beautiful girl in her childhood and in the game Moana Baby Shower Care, we will go exactly in those times. The proximity of the ocean and the warmth of the sun made her skin golden and very tender. Also a big role in this played the baths that her mother prepared for her. Today, Moana's mom went to work and asked you to make a bath for the girl. Use the available tools and help Moana take a bath. Then go to her room and complete all the skin care procedures. When everything is done, you can help her, dress a new outfit, and make a beautiful hairstyle that will be the highlight of her new image.

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